Monday, March 26, 2012

Click here to see the beginning of my piece, 'Reverie' 

Still a work in progress. Much more typography to come, but the structure is there. 

Comments are, as always, appreciated!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Type Assignment (from top to bottom: Engravers, Trade Gothic Condensed, Avant Garde, Edwardian Script, Bickham Script Pro, Adobe Caslon Pro, Cochin, Bodoni, Didot, Futura)

Monday, March 12, 2012

I became inspired to redesign my business cards & resume based off this latest project. I fell so in love with these kaleidescope-looking stills from the blended animated gifs, I wanted to make them individual prints on my cards and alluded to on my resume. They're not quite finished or finessed yet, but the idea is there.

Here is another video that will be embedded between gifs and imagery - signifying a moment of tension and the feeling of anxiousness within a dream.

This video will be embedded towards the beginning of the project, in between the animated gifs & photography. The video is simple in its visual effects, and instead focuses on light & movement. It is to illustrate that final moment of when we have finally drifted off into sleep, and have entered a new world.

Original music composed by my lovely boyfriend, Dan Teicher.

Since my typography didn't work last time overlayed onto the images - I decided to incorporate the text in between imagery. I used Trade Gothic & Helvetica Neue for the fonts. These are writings of mine that I have scribbled down after my dreams, the pictures act as the illustrations. Would love to know people's feedback on these as I move forward.

Here are some more animated gifs. Please click on the image to animate them in full resolution! Thanks :)